3 Spinners Is Too Many: Ex-India Bowling Coach Bharat Arun

3 Spinners Is Too Many: Ex-India Bowling Coach Bharat Arun
India's former bowling coach, Bharat Arun believes that the team needs to find a balance between three spinners and two pace bowlers. He feels one of them will be selected at any point in time but only if they all play well together can India hope for success against different opposition.

The Indian selectors have gotten criticism for their decision to pick three spinners in the T20 World Cup. The belief across most experts is that one fast bowler will be enough, with only two seamballs being used at any given time - which means they'll need someone who can bowl quick deliveries quickly or threaten lbw dismissals if needed from amongst those 15-men squad members!
One person who doesn't seem too impressed by what we've seen so far though? Bharat Arun: "I felt there were better options than just picking Umran Malik," he said during an interview last week."He's currently not even part off India A setup without much experience against international sides"

Speaking about India's pace-bowling unit, Arun feels that Umran can really deliver in the shortest format if given a good field especially since Australia has bigger grounds than those found throughout Asia. "He is exciting! I love his style - fast and skiddy where needed but also with an edge to him when necessary," said Raman on behalf of Team India before finishing up by stating how well known players such as MS Dhoni have utilized their part time off season here recently while playing county cricket during English winters."

Arun feels that with two spinners in the team, India could've had an extra bowler for their World Cup campaign. He suggests picking Umran instead of another spinner would have been a good idea because there is plenty bounce on these pitches - even though it may sound like they're against some fast bowlers who rely heavily upon speed rather than accuracy.

India's pace bowling unit has suddenly taken a huge blow with the news that Jasprit Bumrah will miss out on selection for West Indies tour. The selectors haven't yet made his replacement, but it seems likely to be between Mohammed Shami and Siraj within this year’s Indian team. The country is in need of some fast men ahead of World Cup 2022.