Different Types of Cricket Bets Explained

Different Types of Cricket Bets Explained
Are you interested in exploring new and exciting possibilities as a cricket fan or just as a sports betting enthusiast? In any case, we'll assist you in learning how to wager on cricket.

Cricket betting is a ton of fun, and using the appropriate tactics, you can expect to earn huge payouts. Get the most out of your cricket wagering by using the top operators you can find on this website. Eventually, bettors can improve their chances of winning and have a successful cricket betting experience.

Betting Types

There are a ton of wagering chances in cricket. Whether they choose to wager on the result of a game, spreads, or totals, bettors may discover a wide variety of betting markets at most sportsbooks. Like in any other sport, you can wager on any kind of metric during a cricket match.

Naturally, certain betting options are more complex than others, but we view this as a benefit as seasoned gamblers can also examine them. Although picking the game's winner is a straightforward and always-popular wager, there are many more markets you can explore. 

You can include a few of them on your bet slip:

Highest Opening Partnership

A bettor chooses the side with the most runs in their initial partnership in this market. The team that is seen as the match's favorite has lower odds to win. On the other hand, the situation when both starting partnerships score the same number of runs has the best probabilities.

Most Match Sixes

Punters choose the team they think will strike the most sixes in this kind of wager. If you pick a team with players who have a lot of sixes behind them, your odds of winning a wager will be increased. Alternately, bettors can wager on the batsman who will hit the most sixes.

First Wicket Method

There are six possibilities available for this type of wager. Caught is the most well-known, yet it has the lowest probabilities when compared to the other five. Run Up, LBW, Bowled, Stumped, and Others round out the remaining five.

Top Team Bowler

A bettor makes a wager on the top team bowler's total number of wickets. When two bowlers are leveled, the bowler who gave up the fewest runs is declared the winner. The dead-heat rules are used if a wager cannot be decided by that criterion alone.

Batsman Matches

The bookmakers have essentially invented a new market. They are engaged in a virtual duel as batsmen. You win a bet if you support the horse that triumphs in more races than the rival. This wager is hard to win because bookmakers frequently tie to evenly match batsmen.

Cricket Betting Terms

Any sport, but particularly cricket because it is a unique one, can have its share of specialized betting jargon. We will concentrate on a few betting phrases that are specifically associated with cricket betting because match winner and Over/Under are relatively popular terminology for most sports.

Completed Matches

Cricket matches can occasionally last all day long, depending on the kind. Even if a game doesn't end in the allotted amount of time, gamblers can still place their bets. Compared to the match's clear winner, cricket betting companies can provide you greater odds on these markets.

Series bets

Competitors might plan a run of games between two teams in cricket. For instance, they might decide to play three games, with the team that celebrates twice first claiming victory in the series. In contrast to a money line bet, a bettor places a wager on the series winner.

Cricket spreads

Spreads refer to the number of runs in cricket, as opposed to American sports, which you are undoubtedly already aware with. In order to provide both sides an equal probability of victory, a spread is established in that manner.


Of course, there are other markets for cricket games, and the most of them are niche ones. The ones we've included here are the most typical; you may locate the others at the top sports betting sites. Having a wide variety of markets to choose from is always a good thing.